Bhagya Silage


Speed of harvest, moisture content, chop length, silage distribution and compaction can greatly influence the fermentation process and storage losses.

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Bhagya Silage


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What Is Silage

Silage is fermented, high-moisture stored fodder which can be fed to cattle, sheep and other such ruminants (cud-chewing animals) or used as a biofuel feedstock for anaerobic digesters.

Why make a Silage?

The goal of silage making is to conserve and store crop nutrients using lactic acid bacteria to ensure rapid fermentation in air-free conditions and to minimize losses from harvesting until feeding.

No matter the system, the ensiling and storage system's main functions are to exclude air during the ensiling process and to prevent air from entering the silage during storage.

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Bhagya Silage

Nutri Maize is a corn silage which is high in energy and Digestibility. It is a popular forage for ruminant animals and is formed by a process of anaerobic fermentation. It is easily adapted to mechanization from the stand-crop to the time of feeding.

Keeping in mind the benefits of corn silage, we have introduced, India's first branded packaged corn silage. It is the best high energy fodder for dairy animals available in India today. We are the first company in India to have technical collaboration for silage manufacturing with DuPont Pioneer, USA.

We source the best hybrids and tests locally to ensure top-performing Corn Silage that suits animals. Plus, it’s packed with world class packaging solutions that make silage secure for a longer duration.

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Bhagya Silage Is A Poweful Animal's Mileage

Sailage Advantages

Harvest Management

Best-in-class Corn Hybrids for Silage. Harvest Crop at 30-38% dry matter(DM). Uniform chop length.

Inoculants Addition

Improves quality of fermentation. Increases digestibility.


Cover with high-quality imported stretch film. UV proof and water repellent. Silage secure for a longer duration.


Usage of best-in-class European machinery for compaction.

Storage / feed-out

Shelf-life upto 12 months. High quality feed guaranteed.

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