A good corn Silage is a result of an efficient harvest which contains the maximum amount of digestible nutrients per unit of land area. To achieve this, we use the best possible machinery from CLAAS harvesters which are fast and efficient with unique chopping system. Also, they make sure that the input material is not damaged. This is an important factor as it helps the animal to utilize the nutritional benefit of the silage to the maximum by being an easy digestive.


Inoculants maintain the balance between moisture and dry matter which is an important additive in the fermentation process. Our Inoculants are produced by DuPont which is known all over the world for its quality. So, there is no doubt about the quality of forage and the shelf life of the silage is longer.

Bhagya Silage Features

Promotes maximum dry matter consumption by livestock that usually results in
improved milk and/or live weight gain performance.

Global Concept Now in India

India’s First Branded Baled Corn Silage

Instant & ready to use product

Round the year supply.

Increase in milk Output.

UV Protected Packing Shelf life upto 12 months

Compact Bale size for efficient space management

From pioneer corn hybrids w/ High Nutrition Content.

Affordable Price - Reduced dependence on conc. feed

European Baling Technology for superior quality.

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